Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paul picked a fight with pavement.. and the pavement won.

"Hello this is the west jordan fire department. Your husband had a bike accident. And he wasn't wearing his helmet.".........................

That was how I was woken up yesterday. I'm so glad I'm such a calm and rational person.. I mean really.. Rule number one find out if they are OK. then deal with whatever information comes after that. 

Paul was riding in to work on his bike. he got maybe 3 blocks.. and according to the witnesses they think his bike locked up and threw him straight over the handle bars. he does not remember any of the accident. He remembers waking up while they were loading him in the ambulance. He definitely had a concussion.  I met up with him in the Jordan Valley Er. ( Dear Jordan Valley... One entrance is ridiculous  with a median in the way if you are coming the other direction.. I can't imagine how many irate patients or family of patients that has expressed this too you. your too big for that kinda craziness!) 
when I got there, he was still strapped to the ambulance board. And was talking to the technician.. He was wheeled off a few sec after  for a CAT scan. But He was responsive and knew who I was and why he was there.. so that was a good sign. considering when the ambulance asked him where he lived he didn't know nor his phone number and kept repeating random things. so considering he was doing pretty darn well.  But man was he banged up!

The first thing That caught my attention was his right ring finger where his CTR ring used to be was a large nasty gash. It looks like the sharp side of the shield dug right into it and caused a good amount of damage! 
After they wheeled him back and still on the Ambulance board. they waited till they saw the results before taking him off it.. so he was on it for about a half our more.. and He complained most about that  then all the injuries he had. I guess those boards are straight up uncomfortable. He kept saying I just want to get off this board! Poor guy was miserable on it.
Luckily the scan came back and there was no bruising or bleeding on the brain. Turns out hard headed-ness is somewhat of a protective trait. who knew?! So that was excellent news. Now it was time to dress up his wounds and he could be on his merry way as long as he could hold down food and walk straight.

The road rash was pretty bad. the worst side was his right side. His head, and his Ear took a a prettty good hit. They were worried his ear may have inside bleeding and cause cauliflower ear. so it had to be packed pretty good.  then his elbow and his hand. his legs were the lightest and just looks like a scrapped knees.
His left hand knuckle valleys were skinned and looked like he had real wolveine claws.  he thought the boys would get a kick out of that. We joked and laughed a bit. I cracked up when he was doing his Tommy Boy voice with the whole" Richard is there a mark on my face..,it doesn't hurt here or here so much but right here......  NOPE ship shape... then the waitress come in with the whole" OMG what happened to your face!-....  I KNEW IT!! " bahaha.. I love it when he quotes relevent movie moments.

By the time the nurse had finished bandaging him up he looked like a practice Triage patient or a mummy.. he looked pretty pathetic. But was feeling alright He has complained about his shoulders hurting more then the road rash. and is incredibly sore today. But it's all muscle soreness, the dr. said he may experience some whiplash so there's that.   Paul has fabulously unique ears. Not many people in the world has his ears. so to see one of these models-tic unique things all road rubbed. and then the dr. telling to watch or cauliflower ear or it could cause some disfiguration. eek.so we are babying his precious ear .I like his unique one of a kind ears. luckily it looks like they are going to  be ok, whew!

We got him home and he was in good spirits. My bro Bryce and his wife Lisa were awesome enough to leave work to come be with the kids. ( seriously cannot even express my gratitude for their take charge do what needs to be done to help which includes walking out of work.) I left Jameson in Charge while I ran up,which is fine I'm comfortable leaving hiim for a few hours. But I didn't know how long an e.r. trip could take or even how bad it was.. so a simple text asking if by chance one of them had the day off yesterday and explained what happened.. i told them to wait till I heard from the dr. before taking the day off.. I got a txt back and said they both got out of work and were headed over to the house. It was a sight of a relief on my part. I'm so lucky to be by family and awesome ones at that!

They stayed for awhile and Paul even wanted to play some Oh Puckey while they were here. So he has been doing really well. And is just banged up a bit! 

Paul was mad at himself for not having his helmet on that day. since he has always worn it. But he couldn't find it that morning. And had to leave and just thought he would look for it when he got home. he sure has been chastised for it left and right from dr. to nurse to well meaning friends and family. But I find it annoying. I mean really.... It was a fluke day and fluke thing. Crap happens. but I told him the helmet will have to be like car keys you cant go if you don't have them.  I mean  ERs really arent that fun. and I kinda prefer hum drum days. so all in all it was a crazy monday. But he is home and even went back to work to day. And I have counted our blessings!


Tami said...

I'm glad he's okay. You seemed to have handled things very well. Good for you. Glad you had family close by you could call on.

Christy said...

Poor guy!! Give him a hug (a gentle one) from us!!