Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home again home again jiggity jig!

Well we are HOME. and by home I mean UTAH! And may I just say it's GOOOOD to be home. We are staying in West Jordan  for now.  And so far I'm REALLY liking it. I love being in a real neighborhood and having the City surronding me. I love love having everything at my fingertips but my house doesn't feel like the city at all. My kinda place!  I've had massive memory call over the silliest of things. That i had no idea I would even miss. But turns out I did. and they all make me smile. Here are few. The smell of the weeds in the field next to us.. I forgot utah weeds smell different.. but they do. And i have missed it. it brought back all the times I tromped thru the fields by my home.  Our weeds smell better then Florida or Indiana weeds. Ok I don't know if that's true. But it was a sweet memory trigger. I missed the dandelions. The white and purple flower weeds. The dirt. yes even the dirt. I love being able to walk thru the field and not have to keep eyes PEELED for insects and lizards and snakes.. and stupid thorny weeds that grow side ways like a freaking trip wire.
I'm cold here. and I'm a little over that. But I have missed this dry air. I will never miss humidity.
Zoey has missed the rolly pollys and lady bugs.. I'm sure they were in Florida but the frogs and lizards got tot them first... we have also missed the luxury side walks. And of course our Lovely mountains.

I have missed the grid system. By like a lot! People are friendlier here.. true story.  I guess you could say Utahn is my native language and I'm fluent. and I have missed it!  I've missed Western Family brand option. And bulk buying option that doesn't require a trip to Sam's.
I've of course love being back near family! I do have to get used to the idea of having them all drop in and visit whenever. But I love it. and it  is a much better then planning a trip home once a year. they can drop in anytime. and I'm glad to be able to go see them for no reason or for an event!

The kids are adjusting nicely. School is our hardest adjustment... sucks wallking in at the end of the year. And one in particular is struggling with it. making friends is tough too. But they seem to find a few they are getting along with. I'm hoping when they start next year they will be in the full swing.  they like school better here then  the other places mainly because Utah still believes in recess and unhealthy lunches.

As we begin  to settle and get a routine moving and grooving. we hope to see more of our friends and family here!


Tami said...

Glad you're back! I would love to get together sometime this summer.

You are so right about Utah's unhealthy school lunches...